chocolate peanut “boo”-ter bats

If your childhood was anything like mine, you remember eating Rice Krispies treats. If your childhood was even more like mine, you may or may not have eaten an entire 9×13 pan of them…



Also, my childhood consisted of time in life where your neighbors didn’t put razor blades in your candy and you weren’t scared to eat homemade food handed out by kindly strangers in 12-passenger vans with a sliding door and no windows… Wait… That’s not right.



Anyway, while you may not be able make this amazing twist on a classic sweet snack for your trick or treaters, you can make them for a hetero* Halloween party, school bake sale, or to upstage a coworker’s store-bought sugar cookies with orange icing. Seriously, Brenda, everyone hates you those!

*No gay would EVER eat at a Halloween party.

These are very simple and taste amazing! The chocolate cereal and the peanut butter icing make it taste like a Rice Krispies Treat and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup are fornicating in your mouth!


UPDATE: With a different cookie cutter and a little food coloring, this recipe can be reinvented. We got a little fancy the other night and made chocolate peanut butter Louboutins!

What sort of creative, delicious things can you create with this recipe?!

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