we’re here…and SUPER queer

You are witnessing the birth of the first ever lovechild of two gay men!

Granted, this child is in the form of a blog and not nearly as loud and hopefully not as full of poop as an actual baby. But you get the picture. (I’m sure your children aren’t loud or poop-filled, but beautiful, angelic creatures.)

We started queer in the kitchen to bring some gayness into the homes of all our readers. We both share a love for food, entertaining and doing the most you can with what you have. Neither of us have bathtubs full of cash or any real culinary training. We are setting out to teach ourselves how to make delicious food, and entertain high-maintenance queens, all while guzzling boxes bottles of wine.

So, through lots of trial and LOTS of error, we hope to make the mistakes for you and share what little we know and the incredible amount we hope to learn with you along the way. It’s like having your foodie BFF cooking with you. That is, if your BFF is a sharp bitchy, brilliant self-indulgent and often funny (this one’s totes accurate) queer.

So kick off your heels, crack open that box of wine, and peruse the posts we have to get a good taste of what we’ll be bringing you throughout the week henceforth!

Love ya bitches,

John & Kyle

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