lemon blackberry cobbler

blackberry cobbler finished 2

If there’s one thing that can make you say dang y’all,” it’s the recent news of Paula Deen’s canning by the Food Network. You’ll probably also find yourself uttering that Southern saying when you try this delicious, equally traditionally Southern dessert: cobbler.

blackberry cobbler ingredients    blackberry cobbler stir

blackberry cobbler drop    blackberry cobbler dough

Now, we have to admit that we are slightly elated that some time in the Food Network’s schedule has opened up… possibly for two dashing, slightly always inebriated homosexual bloggers that would do just about anything for a bit of screen time.

blackberry cobbler baked

So, y’all serve this up and enjoy the lovely, married flavors of blackberries, lemon, and a touch of thyme. It’s simple enough for a barn-raising and refined enough for a dinner party with the neighbors.

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