berry berry empanadas

berry berry empanadas finished

We love all berries. Strawberries. Blackberries. Halle Berries. Rachel Berries. All of them. So, naturally, when deciding which berries to select to wrap in this delicious, flaky, buttery dough, we couldn’t choose just one.

berry berry empanadas buttermilk    berry berry empanadas strawberries

berry berry empanadas berries    berry berry empanadas rolling filling

These require a bit of leg work. And we don’t mean scissor kicks on the kitchen floor. But, the result is totally worth it. Sure, there’s rolling of dough that seems terrifying at first and leaves your kitchen looking like it’s the 80s and a bunch of fashion models just pre-partied all up on your granite countertops, but again, these berry-filled concoctions are king.

berry berry empanadas filling    berry berry empanadas dough

berry berry empanadas fork    berry berry empanadas filling again

These actually reheat VERY well, so do the work and savor the fruits of your labors for days to come, but we highly doubt they last that long.

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