sesame ginger kale salad

sesame ginger kale10

We’ll be the first to admit we were a little late to the kale party. It was just hard to get us too worked up over an ingredient that isn’t traditionally breaded, fried and dipped in gravy and/or Ranch dressing. But as it turns out, those early adapting foodie hipsters were on to something with this rabbit food.

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We dipped our toes into the kale pool by starting with some kale chips (which are fine, but calling them “chips” sets you up for disappointment right out of the gate). Then, we ventured onto a gruyere-creamed version (while delicious, was WAY too rich, even for us). Finally, all of our Goldilocksesque criteria were met with this salad. Kale as a salad? Who would’ve thought?! 

sesame ginger kale08

This is simple to prepare, and while the sesame and mirin lends a hint of an Asian flavor, it’s not so much that you couldn’t pair this with just about any entree you’re serving.

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