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Sesame Chicken - 10

Like the Titanic, communism, or John’s latest hormone therapy, this recipe started with the best of intentions and went horribly wrong. While we watched Lady Gaga star in Tom Ford’s spring collection, we were thinking of ways to avoid gaining our fall fifteen twenty.

Sesame Chicken - 1    Sesame Chicken - 3

Sesame Chicken - 2    Sesame Chicken - 4

We set out to attempt a healthy or at least slimmed-down version of sesame chicken, and by the end we had regular, delicious, deep-fried, not healthy, sesame chicken. Whatever. That shit was tasty.

Sesame Chicken - 5    Sesame Chicken - 6

Sesame Chicken - 7    Sesame Chicken - 9

 While this may not be the healthiest of options, it is absolutely delicious. And when paired with our cauliflower fried rice (recipe coming soon), you can at least knock out a few of the probably hundreds of carbs here. Actually, it’s best not to think about it. Just eat it.

We've yet to get through a SINGLE recipe without John quoting "The Help"
We’ve yet to get through a SINGLE recipe without John quoting “The Help”

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