healthy big mac salad

Healthy Big Mac Salad - 12

Temptation is everywhere. There are strategically placed McDonald’s whose golden arches taunt us on the way to and from the gym. Nothing validates double-fisting two Big Mac value meals like a half-assed workout.

Healthy Big Mac Salad - 1    Healthy Big Mac Salad - 2

Healthy Big Mac Salad - 5    Healthy Big Mac Salad - 3

Despite the fact that Ronald McDonald is John’s longest, most stable male relationship, we must force ourselves to refrain. Lucky for you, Kyle is in a slightly more significant relationship with a very different clown-like ginger. Kyle’s husband, Dean, thought up this simple and healthy alternative to a post-gym-pump cheat meal.

Healthy Big Mac Salad - 4    Healthy Big Mac Salad - 6

Healthy Big Mac Salad - 9    Healthy Big Mac Salad - 11

Not to be out done on our own blog, we amped up the salad by creating a copycat recipe of the classic Big Mac sauce. No, it isn’t Thousand Island dressing. 

Healthy Big Mac Salad - 10

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