ode to ina: beef bourguignon

Like the teens that ended up in the ICU after watching MTV’s Jackass, I too am guilty of seeing something on TV and ‘trying it at home.’

Almost immediately after seeing Julie & Julia years ago, I obnoxiously mimicked Meryl Streep’s Julia Child accent was determined to make beouf bourguignon like Amy Adams. I bought a Dutch oven and my very own copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Then I read the recipe…



Gurl, that is one complicated order! My new cookbook quickly became a shelf filler. Then my foodie friend showed me Ina Garten’s interpretation of Julia’s iconic dish. It cuts out about an hour or more of work. God bless you, Ina Garten. Granted, this recipe is still plenty time-consuming. About a bottle of Pinot’s worth… So you should probably grab two bottles when shopping for this dish.



This is, hands down, my favorite thing to cook. Every fall, I so very much look forward to making this dish busting out my Julia Child impression!


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