Where do you get your recipes that you post? 
Our recipes and culinary inspiration come from a variety of places. Many times, they begin with a recipe of a favorite chef of ours and evolves over time due to lack of specific ingredients, substitutions due to personal taste, and sometimes even, a mistake. Some recipes are attempted recreations of something we have had while out to dinner or something we drooled over in a magazine that didn’t include a recipe. Rude!

Do y’all make any money doing this?
Absolutely not. This is just a really fun hobby we both love. It’s also somewhat self-serving because it has motivated us to cook more often and creatively! That being said, we wouldn’t pass at buckets of money if there ever comes a time someone wants to throw some our way.

On that same note, any time we reference a specific ingredient or brand, rest assured, we are NOT being paid by anyone to plug their products. They are just what we find works best and actually use. That being said, if any company wants to send us free products, we’ll plug the s%*& out of it. Kidding… sort of.

Is QK a site primarily for healthy recipes?
Not. At. All.  That being said, you will see our recipes trend slightly lower calorie surrounding the Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, sometimes Tuesdays, or any other day that requires us be shirtless surrounded by body-obsessed, ab-centric, scrutinous mo’s.  But as a rule, our food is first and foremost about flavor and quality.

Why do some recipes have other people’s names attached to them, and who are those people?
These are our favorite recipes. When you see a recipe such as “warren’s tomato soup” or “rio’s marinara sauce” those are dishes that originate from people who have adopted us and vice versa and are part of our “family”.  We call them “family” because we love them dearly don’t have to pay them for their input.

Can I, as a reader, contribute recipes to the site?
To be read in the voices of Truvy and Clairee from Steel Magnolias: “Of course you can!”  That is, as long as they are yours, and not your mom’s third cousin’s sister’s mother-in-law’s recipe who in fact is Martha Stewart and will sue us for the very minute amount of money we have for copyright infringement.

Who is Chris from “Chris’ Corner”?
Chris is one of our best friends. Whether it is cooking, mixing cocktails, or a brief history of the zucchini, as Kyle would say, “Chris, it’s amazing how little you know about EVERYTHING!” He is knowledgeable, witty, and has one of those faces you just want to throw a vat of boiling water at.

See what I mean?

Who is your film critic from pairs well with
We are lucky to have someone as quick witted, smart, (and cute too) and funny as Julie Fisk as our resident queer in the kitchen film guru. Read more about her here.

Who’s your best friend, and, like, who’s Tom Cruise’s best friend, and why does your baby wear high heels, and what does Jesus think of Scientology?
Chris from chris’ corner, “Goose” of course, because she has cankles, and you’ll have to ask him… or Dan Cathy.

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