honey bourbon chicken + coconut lime rice

Honey Bourbon Chicken on Coconut Rice

As we wrap up week three of well-meaning resolutions, we at queer in the kitchen have started to experience some regression.

While we are still diligent with our stagnant lean daily lunches of browned ground turkey, sweet potatoes and the ever-so-versatile quinoa, the nightly salad just isn’t quite cutting it. And besides, we have MONTHS till pool season.

Honey Bourbon Chicken Ingredients    Raw Chicken

Dredging Chicken    Sauteing chicken

Now, we haven’t gone completely off the resolution wagon, but are instead quite content being drug behind it hanging on with one hand while we gorge on honey bourbon chicken with the other. We believe it to be a healthy compromise.

Sauteed chicken    Pouring sauce over chicken

Dicing pineapple    Sauce bubbling

This chicken is just decadent enough to get you over the salt shakes, (other people get those too, right?) without wrecking all the progress you’ve made in the first few weeks of the new year. Even if that progress is only the weight you lost by taking off your 3 layers of Spanx. That totally counts.

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