spicy corn casserole

Spicy Corn Casserole finished

OK, this being our third corn salad recipe, you’re probably thinking to yourself “these kweens can’t get enough of the kernels.”  We’d argue with you, but you’re right.

spicy corn casserole ingredients    Spicy corn casserole green pepper

Spicy corn casserole saute    Spicy corn casserole stirring

It’s summer in Texas. Between the heat and the humidity, the beads of sweat are falling faster than Aunt Carol’s “party” bangs. The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of time over a hot stove cranking out what could be an average dish that, too, falls flat. Not to worry, this dish delivers. Think of this quick, spicy, and creamy casserole as the AquaNet of your next meal.

Spicy Corn Casserole bubbling    Spicy Corn Casserole serving

A note about heat: the first few times we cooked this, we played with seeding or not seeding the jalapeño. We can usually handle a bit of spice, so the first time around, we didn’t seed the pepper at all, and it burned our f’ing faces off. At least we were finally validated in “beer-bonging” an entire bottle of Rosé! So, the second time around we seeded half of the jalapeńo, and it still seemed a bit too spicy. We are suggesting to seed it in the recipe, but if you’re feeling a little braver than these two pansies, do it at your own risk and have plenty of chilled wine and a funnel nearby.

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