citrus-glazed salmon

Fish terrifies a lot of people! There’s a pun here, but I feel it’s better left alone…

Let’s begin again! Properly cooking fish can be very daunting to a newbie in the kitchen. Especially for your first time, there’s all that skin, and it’s slimy, and you have to worry about there being a bone in it… And here we are again.

This recipe is an excellent choice for those of you wanting to dip your toes in the pond, so to speak, of cooking de mer. It’s very simple to prepare and not only delivers greatly on taste, the finished product looks like something that came from the oven of an accomplished chef… or homo.

The ingredients listed sound like a hodge podge, and if I’m being perfectly honest, I did just open the spice drawer and start grabbing random bottles. Lucky for all of us, it TOTALLY works! The orange zest and brown sugar really bring this recipe together, just like Lady Gaga for the gays.



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