fit stuffed bell peppers

This recipe is a throwback to growing up in the Midwest and all the amazing, delicious, incredibly hi-caloric meals we ate gathered around the dinner table. Well, my family was around the table. I was practicing my baton twirling in the closet. Literally. It was a REALLY big walk-in closet.



I mean how unhealthy could you make a bell pepper, really?! Well first, you sautéed it in butter or bacon fat, then stuffed it with a mixture concocted of fatty ground beef, white rice, ketchup and of course, fistfuls of cheese. Then topped it with additional cheese to serve. It. Was. Delicious.


Alas, an adult gay that has stereotypes to live up to in “the city” simply cannot afford to eat said deliciousness. At least not until FATember. More to come on this later. So, what we’ve done is take a classic recipe, and transformed it into something healthy, and almost elegant. You won’t even have to close your eyes and imagine it’s something far more decadent and naughty… You do that enough already.



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