updated: fried pickled okra

A time honored tradition has hit our hometown of Dallas once again: The State Fair.



Whether you’re a fan of the adorable petting zoos complete with baby goats and kangaroos, the ridiculous people-watching that rivals People of Walmart, or super-spinny, rickety vomit-inducing rides, I think we can all agree the best thing the fair has to offer is most definitely the food!


So that got Kyle and I thinking (a thought that crosses my mind on an almost daily basis): what can we fry?!?!

Now, everyone’s heard about the fried butter, fried grilled cheese (LEGIT!), and the most delicious corn dogs you’ve ever eaten in your entire life. But, being the bougie queers we are, Kyle and I decided to try something a bit more sophisticated. *Adjusts monocle.*


We decided to combine two of our favorite fried things: fried okra and fried pickles.

UPDATE: We totally tested and wrote this a week ago when our Fair fever was at its peak. But the day we were already planning on posting it, tragedy struck the Texas State Fair. Sad day, y’all.

You should totally make this in honor of Big Tex. He would have wanted it this way.

UPDATE 2.0: So, this year, Big Tex is back on the block and ready to rock. Like a Chucky inspired phoenix rising from the ashes, the State Fair has rolled out the newer, heavier, more fire-resistant icon and, to be honest, it’s totally creepy looking.


Seriously, this thing will haunt your dreams.

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