chris’s corner: this s*** is bananas!

Ok… So it’s something else you’re doing wrong! I know, I know! Am I really that guy? The guy who is like, ‘Did you know, blah blah blah…’ Answer: Umm… Have you EVEN been reading my corner? It’s like you don’t know me at all!

Now, I think we can all agree those banana string things, or phloem bundles (pronounced ‘flom’) to use the technical term, are freaky and weird and probably cause monkey diseases. Actually they are part of the system that supplies nutrients to the fruit, but our labs are testing that monkey disease theory cause I’ve got a hunch, y’all. And having labs makes us seem all official and stuff.

But speaking of monkeys, we should take our cue from them on how to peel a banana. Bananas grow in bunches. Because bananas grow upward while the stems face down, what you probably consider the top of the banana is actually the bottom.

When you peel a banana the traditional way you go against the grain of the fruit, causing the phloem bundles to remain on the fruit. Monkey’s are all like ‘stupid humans’ and peel from the top down, which if you understand the text above, that’s starting with the non-stem end.

Now you can peel correctly minimizing your ‘stringage’ or choose to sound like a total badass one day when you can say, “Did you know, those strings are actually called phloem bundles and you’re totally raping that banana so good luck getting rid of that monkey disease.”


Bonus tip: Banana peels can actually help whiten your teeth. Brush and floss as usual, then rub the soft white part of the banana peel on the surface of your teeth for about two minutes. Potassium, calcium, and vitamin D are all great for your teeth and help to whiten them.

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