This is a magical time of year for us gays. And we’re not talking about the annual wig sale at Madam Wong’s Harem of Hair! It’s basically like finishing an 8-month colon cleanse on Christmas morning. You have now entered our favorite time of year: FATember.



At this point, summer is more than over, so no one is throwing any daytime pool parties. Also, Halloween (AKA Gay Christmas) has come and gone. Therefore, the debilitating pressure of being shirtless in public is behind us. No more bland grilled chicken breast dinners, grueling two-a-day workouts, and constant sucking in of our guts that only exist in our minds. We are free.

Like the chunky nugget at fat camp who sneaks cookies in the dark of night, we too can now indulge. Except by “cookies”, we mean anything fried, cream-stuffed, dipped in chocolate, or wrapped in bacon. And by “dark of night”, we mean ALL. MONTH. LONG. The gluttony of Thanksgiving day, is merely a blip on the radar in FATember.



This is a marathon, not a sprint, queens. So strap on your eatin’ pants and expect to see our recipes lean a little Kirstie Alley for the weeks to come!

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