jarred’s buttermilk pie

Jarred is a real-life chef, owns two restaurants (EAT new orleans and Vacherie) and makes our cooking look like little girls pestering their mothers in the kitchen… and wearing their heels. We were first privy to his cooking last Thanksgiving when his artichoke stuffing upstaged my food so much that I almost jumped on the counter, arched my back, and hissed at him like an alley cat.



Luckily, I refrained, and now he’s sharing his genius with us. In a time of year when an event like Thanksgiving is just one more stress and culinary juggling act, know that this recipe is a huge crowd pleaser and easy as… pie! That’s punny, y’all. 

Make this in a flash and spend the rest of your time focusing on other dishes, drinking, and/or hiding the good silver from Aunt Carol.


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