kitchen queers’ thanksgiving

If your family is anything like ours, you don’t tend to get together for Thanksgiving. This holiday usually takes a back seat to Christmas that seems to be celebrated earlier and earlier every year. Seriously, say what you want about the economy, the real problem in America is having to see Christmas decorations in October.



Anyway, our families don’t make much of a fuss since we will all be together for Christmas less than a month later. So, for most of our adult lives, we’ve spent Thanksgiving day with the family we would have chosen given the option, our close friends.



These dear friends are a collection of fellow disappointments to their mothers homosexuals, and a few of our closest girlfriends strewn about. A queer in the kitchen Thanksgiving dinner to the outside eye might resemble a frat house, that is if the frat house is cooked in and decorated by Martha Stewart, and the members could flawlessly accessorize a sweater set.


So, this year, remember Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a high anxiety-filled ball of judgmental in-laws and dry turkey. Sit back with a strong cocktail your loved ones and take in the spirit of the holiday.

Although OUR November holiday isn’t terribly “traditional”, it has become a tradition for us. Every year, we are truly grateful to be surrounded by people we love, and who love us back. And what better way to show love than with food and drink! We are so excited to spend the next week sharing our favorite Thanksgiving recipes with you all.



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