springfield cashew chicken

My hometown of Springfield, Missouri is the birthplace of cashew chicken. I tell people this literally every chance I get, and NO ONE ever believes me. They probably think I’m making stuff up in the vain attempt to attribute something to the Ozarks besides Branson, Anita Bryant and Hill People.

And they’d be right.



Except that cashew chicken really was invented in Missouri. Granted, it began as a gravy and fried chicken dish made by a Chinese chef trying to appeal to the ever-so-delicate palates of those of us who grew up on canned ham. However, the result isn’t any less delicious.



This is an incredibly close rendition of the dish I knew as a kid growing up. While it’s not the simplest dish I’ve made, and I somehow managed to dirty almost every dish I own, the return is worth the investment.

John and I usually like to share credit on everything you see on queer in the kitchen. But surprisingly, this one is all me. Not only is he horrible at math and can’t even play the violin, he is completely useless in preparing Asian food. Yet more proof you can’t judge a book by its cover. Unless of course you look at him and think he has the PERFECTLY shaped head for a wig. Because he totally does.



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