truffle salt: a pantry MUST

We gays love anything fancy: custom dress shirts, signature fragrances, Italian shoes… and truffle saltI’m sure you’re wondering how salt can be elevated to anything other than what comes out of a cardboard tube. I was once in your shoes. Well, maybe not your shoes, I haven’t worn flats in years!

Then I was introduced to truffle salt via the most decadent macaroni and cheese I’ve ever tasted. It was like an angel pooped in my mouth. Truffle salt somehow had the ability to both deepen the flavor of a dish and transcend it to its own plain of subterranean fungal bliss.

Truffle comes from the Latin word “tuber” which translates to “swelling”. I knew I was a fan, but now I LOVE it. You’ll find the salt form in two common varieties: white and black. Both have a place in the kitchen, but I feel the white has a much more versatile appeal, and the black being more complex. Plus, once you go black…

There is really no savory recipe that truffle salt couldn’t add dimension to. Just be forewarned that a little goes a long way, so don’t get crazy!

Here are a few suggestions:

  • over roasted asparagus
  • scrambled eggs – HOMAGAWD! This is good!
  • in ANY pasta – especially grown up mac & cheese
  • in mashed potatoes
  • sprinkled over the top of a bloody mary
  • incorporated into burgers
  • on lobster, scallops, or any fish
  • on steak (or as a rub)
  • olive oil/balsamic dipping sauce

I could go on and on, and have been known to. Please add any suggestions in the comment field for how you use this miracle powder. Truffle salt that is.

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