eight maids-a-milking: brandy ice cream

brandy ice cream served

Yes, you read that right. Brandy. F*@#ing. Ice cream.

Let me back up… A few years ago, I was a very inexperienced baker. Then, my friends got me a KitchenAid stand mixer for my birthday, and now I never leave the grocery store without buying butter. Some people hoard cats; for me, it’s processed cream.

brandy ice cream churning

This past year, as I transitioned into the world of professional drag performing my late-twenties, I received the ice cream attachment for said mixer. You know when the crazy conservative right argues that giving tweens sex-ed and access to condoms will turn them into nymphomaniacs? Well, I kind of see where they’re coming from now…

I have been transformed into a heavy-cream junkie. Rest assured, this will NOT be the last ice cream recipe you’ll see, but on that same note, don’t be on the lookout for my abs either this spring!

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