four calling birds: HAM!

We LOVE the way she says ham! We are also a big fan of the Dr. Pepper/bourbon/sugar/more sugar glaze that is draped across the piece of pork in this recipe.

We feel like there’s a cocktail recipe waiting to be discovered in this glaze. We’ll keep you posted.

Christmas Ham1 Christmas Ham2

Christmas Ham5 Christmas Ham3

Religious holidays wouldn’t be complete without the chunk of ham resting in the center of the table after church. This is a simple way to bump up that simple smoked pig to something that tastes both complicated and comforting.

Christmas Ham4 Christmas Ham6

We realize this recipe doesn’t necessarily correlate with “Four Calling Birds”, but in our defense, what in the hell are calling birds?!? Don’t ALL birds call? Plus, whoever wrote this song has an unnatural avian obsession. I mean, how many birds does one person need for Christmas?!

Christmas Ham7

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