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It’s an age-old saying that eating black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day will give one good luck for the year ahead. Since childhood, I’ve yet to begin a year sans peas due to my debilitating superstitions. In retrospect, I’d hate to see what shitty hand I would’ve been dealt if I hadn’t eaten these weird little legumes.

Along with the pea tradition, they (whoever “they” are) also say consuming cabbage on the first day of the year will bestow great wealth. Here at queer in the kitchen, we are not about to bring any bad money juju on ourselves; so, even if “they” told us to Irish dance in the front yard to avoid destitution, you better believe we’d be throwing on our wooden clogs.

Luckily, this recipe pairs the two tales together in a surprisingly delicious meal. Not many are fans of cabbage or black-eyed peas, but for a year of good fortunes, these are definitely worth it.

PS – We also tried a black-eyed pea hummus for our more non-traditional, adventurous readers. But, the result was a paste that somehow tasted like something between a foot and a fart. Needless to say, for now, that particular recipe has been tabled.

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