seven swans-a-swimming: kathryn’s chicken tortilla soup

This recipe came from our good friend/runner/fashionista/purveyor of all things “fabulous”, Kathryn.

We all have those friends, the ones who show up to brunch looking runway chic in leggings, a vintage sweater and perfectly tossled hair and play the “Oh this?! I just picked it up off the floor” line. Thus making you literally want to throw your scalding hot latte in the direction or their perfectly made-up face because you know they are telling the truth.

Lucky for us, not only is she seamlessly put together, she’s not bad in the kitchen either. This is a soup she served us years ago, and again, it’s “just something she threw together”. But thank God she did. There are plenty of tortilla soup recipes out there that will have you grinding cornmeal, simmering and boiling chicken and hand-pressing tortillas, and then there’s this one.

Personally, I’d rather spend my time trying to find an outfit that someone, somewhere, someday will ask me about and I can stand in front of a box fan, brush my imaginary bangs out of my eyes and reply, “Oh this? It’s just something I picked up off the floor…”

tortilla soup ingredients

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