three french hens: coq au vin

Coq Au Vin

When trying to concoct a dish for “three French hens”, we came across a multitude of options, but none sounded as sophisticated (or were as fun to say) as coq au vin.

Pronounced “coke o’ van”, you aren’t sure if someone is offering you an illegal drug or a ride in a scary panel van that’s supposedly full of candy and puppies.

Coq au vin ingredients Coq03

Coq au vin vegetables Coq05

The literal translation is “cock in wine”……

…So ANYWAY, it’s a close sister to our boeuf bourguignon. You’ll find many similarities in the dishes, both complex and rich in flavors…Oh who are we kidding? They both have an ENTIRE bottle of wine in them. OF COURSE they are delicious!

Coq07 Coq09

Coq12 Coq08


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