twelve drummers drumming: oreo drum cookies

12 Drummers6

We leave you on the last of our 12 days of Christmas with a decadent and super-easy holiday treat.

You can go the store-bought route on these or, if you need to feel accomplished and smug by assembling these with homemade ingredients, knock yourself out. No seriously, please hit yourself REALLY hard. No one likes an overachiever.

12 Drummers1 12 Drummers2

Either way, these can be whipped up on a whim, and will occupy the grubby little fingers of those children of yours. At least long enough for you to drink yourself stupid get all your holiday duties finished. You know, the ones that Santa is going to get all the credit for.

12 Drummers4 12 Drummers5

When I have children, on Christmas morning, I’ve decided to tell them Santa completely forgot about them. Then in the midst of their fits of despair, I’ll wheel in the brand new bikes from ME. Who’s the hero in that story?

It sure as hell ain’t a home-invading fatty from the North Pole.

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