two turtle doves: laura’s carmelitas

Over Thanksgiving break, my younger sister brought me a version of these treats from my former (her current) English teacher from our small school in rural Missouri. At first glance, they didn’t call to me, make me break into a sweat, or cause my salivary glands to backfire, three things that happen immediately when I watch Riverdance smell mac and cheese. However, when I put one of these bad boys in my mouth for the first time…




It was literally all I could do to not run to the bathroom, treats in hand, lock the door and intimately binge eat until I purged and started over. But, due to my impressive willpower, the treats, and I, survived.


What came out of this experience was a newfound favorite sweet treat. We tweaked the recipe a bit and made them in a muffin pan to totally envelope the caramel and chocolate, but if you are a lazy person short on time, feel free to replicate this using a 13×9 baking dish and cut into squares.

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