barbecued ribs

Ribs & Taters8A wise woman once said that the only time ribs are sexy is NOT when visible on an avian-boned woman in a tiny swimsuit at the beach, but when they are hanging over the edge of a big plate and smothered in barbecue sauce.

It was either Mother Theresa or M’onique, I forget which.

Ribs & Taters1    Ribs & Taters2

Ribs & Taters4    Barbecued Ribs

Nevertheless, truer words have never been spoken.

These little porkers are a testament to that statement. Packed with flavor and so, SO simple to prepare, this rib recipe has become a staple in the queer in the kitchen kitchen. And while we aren’t the type to kill our own meat, spin doughnuts in our 4×4’s, or ogle big “racks” (that aren’t loaded with clearance Prada, anyway), these have a way of making us feel just a teensy bit more manly.

But that was before we used the word “teensy”.

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