muscle muffins

Muscle Muffin11

When it comes to keeping up with the Gay Joneses, a strict workout regimen and equally disciplined diet is key. And a healthy dose of body dysmorphia doesn’t hurt either.

This usually means lots of protein shakes and flavorless grilled chicken breasts, but we’ve turned out some small, easy-to-eat breakfast snacks that are packed with protein AND don’t taste like they’re good for you. They also reheat well for breakfast or pre-gym snacks throughout the week.

Muscle Muffins1    Muscle Muffins2

Muscle Muffins3    Muscle Muffins4

But for those of you that aren’t worried about ‘bulking’ up muscle to look good at your next circuit party*, these are amazing just to serve for breakfast. These were even tested on notoriously picky children that devoured them, and more importantly were unable to speak while doing so!

Muscle Muffins5    Muscle Muffins6

Muscle Muffins7    Muscle Muffins8

PS – making these in a mini-muffin pan and serving them for guests at brunch would make them even gayer cuter!

*A circuit party is something “party gays” attend. It’s basically a vodka/sugar-free Red Bull packed weekend of partying shirtless, dancing all night long shirtless, and basically any activity you can think of… shirtless.

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