tilapia with white wine + caper sauce


I hate tilapia. For some reason, I’ve always associated it with the awful, rotten-smelling seafood counters at low-end grocery stores. Let me explain. My very first endeavor in cooking fish involved a trip to one of these sad grocery stores. I asked if they had any perch (which was what my recipe called for) and the woman behind the counter wrinkled her nose, scratched her weave with a ballpoint pen and informed me that I could use tilapia instead, or, as she called it, “African perch.”

Tilapia Garlic Sauce1    Tilapia Garlic Sauce2

Tilapia Garlic Sauce3    Tilapia Garlic Sauce4

The fish I went home with not only stunk up my entire apartment while cooking, it also left me hugging the toilet later that night in a severe bout of food poisoning. So, as you can see, tilapia and I have had a rough go of it. But tonight, this little swimmer may have redeemed itself. Of course, I did dump a good amount of wine and butter on top of it, which in my experience, can elevate just about ANYTHING.

Tilapia Garlic Sauce5    Tilapia Garlic Sauce6

Tilapia Garlic Sauce7    Tilapia Garlic Sauce8

So for those of you needing a great weeknight meal and are in a tight budget, schedule or waistband, you’re welcome.

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