chicken khao soi soup

chicken khal soi soup

Like Arby’s Big Beef n’ Cheddar or Flamin’ Hot Munchies, I discovered this amazing dish while drunk. It was a few summers ago when I first discovered the true meaning of ‘Sunday Funday.’

khal soi01    khal soi05

khal soi04    khal soi06

For those of you who are neither gay nor borderline alcoholics, SF is a tired, over-used phrase that describes an all day drink-a-thon usually in the Spring/Summer months. It almost always involves a gaggle of gays being bitchy on a patio somewhere in cutoff shorts and tank tops.

khal soi07    khal soi08

khal soi09    khal soi10

This particular afternoon had all the key elements of a hot mess: jello shots, a trip to the emergency room and amateur striptease. Yes, all of those things are DIRECTLY related. Anyway, anyone who’s been drunk for an extended period of time knows that it almost always ends with a trip to the emergency room food. Crazy, greasy, guilt-free food.

khal soi02    khal soi11

Upon my friend’s recommendation, we walked to an Asian restaurant that had the most amazing soup I’ve ever eaten. I made a slurred mental note to go back. Unfortunately, in the harsh, sober light of day, it looked more 2 parts restaurant 3 parts meth lab. Thankfully, I found THIS recipe. It’s easy, doesn’t use crazy, elusive Asian-market ingredients and tastes pretty darn authentic.

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