dinner for two: stay-in steakhouse

dinner for 217Valentine’s is the worst. Most single people are just plain bitter about being alone. No, your 3 cats do not count as companions. You are alone. And the lonelies try to kid themselves into acting like they don’t mind eating three Lean Cuisines and gulping down Riunite Lambrusco straight from the jug, by themselves, on the most ‘romantic’ holiday of the year.

dinner for 201    dinner for 208

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On the flip side, happy couples have to make a more conscious effort to woo their other halves and are then expected to put out… and make it “better than usual.”

dinner for 210We thought it would be a good idea to avoid all the couples, scowling singles, expensive dinners and clichéd long-stemmed roses. This year, stay in and cook for yourself and your “other.” It doesn’t matter if “other” is your boyfriend, girlfriend, mistress, manstress, lesbian life-partner, mother, neighbor, friend, roommate, or aforementioned cats. Hell, your “other” could even be you. Eating two filets on Valentine’s night in front of a mirror never hurt nobody.

dinner for 202    dinner for 206

However you add it up or define it, we have come up with the perfect dinner for two. These steaks are amazing, and what man (or lesbian) doesn’t love a good chunk of red meat served up with potatoes?

dinner for 203

Be sure to read the ‘game plan’ so everything comes out at the same time. Your dining companion will be so impressed with the delicious meal and expert timing, you’re bound to get the good loving. The kind with the TV off and everything.

dinner for 204    dinner for 205

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