john’s egg rolls + Sriracha mayo dipping sauce

For those of you that read this title and thought: “Finally! This Asian is about to serve us up some legit family recipes from the Far East.” FALSE. I am the least Asian you’ll probably ever meet. In fact, a white girl from my hometown in West Texas actually taught me how to make these.



So, they’re probably about as ‘authentically Asian’ as the ones fried up at Panda Express or Jack In The Box… but much more delicious.



Now, I’m not gonna lie, these kind of take a long time to make. The steps are very small and easy, there are just a lot of them.



Also, this sauce is not f*@&ing around, y’all. It marries the homey, Paula Deen mayonnaisey flavors of the West with the salty, spicy Iron Chef announcer guy flavors of the East.

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