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Vonda Boerger Tribute 1

This February 23rd would have been my mom, Vonda Boerger’s, 63rd birthday. This is one of our first pictures together at the airport when I was adopted from South Korea. She was an amazing woman: a hospice nurse, devoted pastor’s wife, mother of five, and she gave me my start in cooking. 

After she passed away, I was fortunate enough to come across a treasure trove of her hand-written recipes. So, Kyle and I thought it completely necessary to share one with all of you as a tribute.

Vonda Boerger Tribute 2

Now, in all honesty, I never remember my mom being an amazing chef. She worked full time and had seven mouths to feed. More often than not, she cooked out of necessity. Coincidentally, Kyle and I both have a shared, terrible memory of a dish our mothers made: goulash. I’m not sure what it is supposed to be, but our mom’s versions were more like chili meets elbow macaroni meets me throwing a fit and refusing to eat it.

Vonda Boerger Tribute 3

I literally dreaded this meal. When I saw those beans soaking in the kitchen sink, I would throw very dramatic fits. Some things NEVER change. Luckily, my mom had a serious case of “I’m too busy to care or be your made-to-order chef” syndrome. Quickly, it was made clear that if I didn’t like the dinner menu, I should make something for myself. The first thing she taught me was simple scrambled eggs, and to this day, I kind of despise them because I ate them all the time. I was a very picky child. 

zucchini honey cake recipe    zucchini honey cake ingredients

zucchini honey cake sour cream    zucchini honey cake loaf finished

Lucky for you, we will NEVER make goulash, but decided something sweet and slightly savory would be fitting as the first of many recipes from this amazing woman.

zucchini honey cake cake finished

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