“border”line mexican salad

border salad plated

This dish was a favorite of mine growing up. Ours was slightly less accessorized than this version. Our chipotle ranch came out of a squeeze bottle, and we tossed it by putting it in a plastic garbage bag and shaking the s#*t out of it. We aptly called it “White Trash Salad.”

These days we try to class it up a little more. Soooo… We leave out the garbage bag.

border salad ingredients    border salad ingredients    border salad tossing

We also gave you a homemade chipotle ranch (which lowers this to about -10 on the authentic Mexican food scale) to make this dish a little more unique. We dare you to not try to slather this on everything after you taste it. This dish could also easily be a main course with a little seasoned turkey, ground beef, grilled chicken or flank steak.


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