ode to ina: chicken with wild mushrooms

Chicken w/ Wild Mushrooms

Here is yet another reason we love Ina Garten: she takes simple ingredients such as chicken breast and mushrooms and transforms them into this elegant, delicious meal. Making us (and everyone else for that matter) feel utterly inadequate in almost every way.We believe this to be one the top contributing factors to chef suicide. We’re organizing a 5k pub crawl for awareness.

Chicken/Mushroom Ingredients    Chopping mushrooms

Salad, Dressing & Mushroom Ckn12    Searing chicken

This recipe isn’t groundbreaking stuff by way of ingredients or technique. There’s no baby placenta, highland cow’s milk, or roasting-delicately-over-open-flame required. But when the first forkful of tender chicken and savory mushroom hits your palate, you’ll swear there must be Dutch milk maid tears in there somewhere.

Oh, Ina Garten

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