parsnip + carrot mash

Parsnip Mash4

I know what you’re thinking: what the f$*k is a parsnip?

Parsnips are cousins of the carrot family. The carrot being the overly spray-tanned waitress in Boca Raton, and her cousin, the parsnip, the pale, elegant, tea-sipper from Cambridge. In short, it’s a fancy freaking carrot. And they are delicious. In this recipe we reunited the families and mashed both all up with some butter and milk. Thus giving you a slightly (teensy, minuscule, wee itty-bitty) healthier option to mashed potatoes.

Parsnip Mash1    Parsnips    Parsnip Mash3

*There is a tiny bit more work to these than a traditional carrot as in they need to be cored. To do this you simply peel, then cut them into quarters and slice off the point, leaving the outer, softer part of the vegetable. You could also opt to use a vegetable peeler for this job as well.

Coring a parsnip




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