prosciutto-wrapped gorgonzola figs

Now let’s get serious for a second. You’ve been trying some of these recipes and tricks, and are feeling pretty cocky about your newfound cooking skills and all your friends have been über-impressed. Well everyone except for that uppity b*$%h Debra who thinks she’s Bree Van de Kamp. Well, Debra, hold onto that “Autumn Sunrise” box-color hair, cause it’s about to get real!



This recipe is so good to have in your repertoire. It’s a go-to for any occasion that requires you to pretend you’re fancy, when in reality you’d rather be watching a Designing Women marathon in your sweats, wrist deep in a bowl of spaghetti.



All these ingredients come together in this simple dish to create a morsel usually only found atop a white tablecloth with more forks alongside than you know what to do with.

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