rachel’s artichoke dip

Other than a Real Housewives-esqe drink-in-the-face fight, we know of no better absolute crowd pleaser better than artichoke dip. Being that it is a few parts artichoke, most parts mayonnaise and cheese, and is served on carbs, why wouldn’t it be?!

This recipe originated from our friend, Rachel. She specifically stated to use these brands of artichokes and mayonnaise, and if her high heels are any indication, she knows her labels.

Now, we are so very much against low-fat, fat-free, or any other imposter mayonnaise, and are currently debating on creating a political party. HOWEVER, considering the sheer volume this recipe calls for, we bit the bullet and used low-fat. And after tasting it, we debated on ditching the crostini, grabbing a spoon, a coffee mug full of red wine, hiding in the dark, and eating the entire dish.

This is the perfect dip to serve at that thing on Sunday… And by ‘thing’ we mean Beyonc√©’s performance that is for some reason bookended by a sporting event.

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