roasted root vegetables + greens

Roasted Roots, Greens5

In the past there wasn’t much about a making a salad that excited me. I always followed the basic midwestern formula of a tiny bit of greens, even less veggies, fistfuls of cheese, mostly croutons and a crap-ton of ranch dressing. Don’t get me wrong, while Hidden Valley soup is delicious, it becomes tiresome after a while. Much like having to see Lena Dunham’s orangutan titties on ‘Girls‘ EVERY Sunday.

Roasted Roots, Greens1    Roasted Roots, Greens2

Roasted Roots, Greens4    Roasted Roots, Greens3

In an effort to branch out and try to class it up a bit, we came up with this recipe. This salad carries a bit more heft and could even stand as a main dish by topping it with some seared flank steak, grilled chicken, or just by washing it down with a gargantuan tumbler of cabernet. We find that last trick to make just about anything into a ‘main course.’ Even just a handful of Rolos.

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