bacon strawberry mint jam

Bacon Jam

By now you’ve probably caught on that we are not-so-subtle fans of any and ALL pork products. Especially bacon.I mean, what is it about those greasy little slivers of meat that pull at our heartstrings so? And this recipe makes it spreadable. It’s something that literally dreams are made of, or at least a kitchen queer’s dreams.

Bacon Jam    Bacon Jam

Bacon Jam    Bacon Jam

I’m sure you, like us, have seen many adaptations of bacon jam. This is only our interpretation of it, and we feel quite confident that you couldn’t possibly mess this recipe up by playing around with your own fruit/spice concoctions. We love the pairing of the sweet strawberries with the salty bacon, and the fresh mint bumps it up a notch… ’cause we’re classy like that.

Bacon Jam    Bacon Jam

Serve this on waffles or toast, PB & J’s, reduce it for a sauce with chicken or fish, or just pair it with a giant spoon… and your mouth-hole.


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