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picky produce

Personally, I HATE grocery shopping. However, nothing makes me happier than telling someone in the grocery store that the tomato they just picked out is gonna taste like pig rectum. Be honest… Do you really know when mushrooms are in season?

Making guacamole? Do you know which avocados to pick out of the bin? Well you will now!

I’ve taken some basic produce often used in Kyle and John’s recipes and given you some guidelines choosing the best product and also its peak season.



Button Mushrooms

Look for: tightly closed, firm caps – not slimy or super spotted

Season: September – March

Green Peppers

Look for: nice green stem, wrinkle-free skin, should feel hefty for its size. Like a good little person.

Season: year-round


Look for: plump, deep indigo color with slight white frostyness. Just like your granny’s hair!

Season: May – October


Look for: deep green or slightly purple florets, strong stems. Yellow head? Leave it! It will taste bitter.

Season: October – April


Look for: deep green or slightly purple heads, firm stems. Like Britney, thin spears tend to be better and sweeter

Season: February to June


Look for: Heavy, good color, no wrinkles, cracks, bruises… slight give.

Season: June – September


Look for: firm, no mushy spots. choose slightly dull over shiny. Shake it. If it rattles, leave it!

Season: year-round

Now go forth and show off your new knowledge to those obnoxious Whole Foods shoppers. We’re not above yanking out a dreadlock if one of them gets in between us and our vegetables.

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