crab rangoons

You’ll start to notice as you read more and more of our posts, that the Asian food infatuation comes, not from the actual Asian half of queer in the kitchen. They are provided by the other half who grew up in a setting not unlike “Little House on the Prairie”… Nelly and all.



Growing up in a rural setting as I did, any food that wasn’t canned or had formerly wandered around our back yard seemed so “worldly and exotic”. Naturally, Chinese food being so prevalent in Southwest Missouri, I latched on to the dishes and flavors from the East.

In retrospect, I don’t recall ever seeing an actual Asian person in my youth. So the likelihood that any of the dishes I came to love being authentically Eastern are zero to.. well none.

Nonetheless, crab rangoons have always been one of my favorite Asian foods. And these, while being much fancier than the rangoons of my youth, did not disappoint. Now, having an Asian best friend that knows exactly NO Asian recipes… Entirely different story.

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