beef sliders three ways

Sliders Three Ways Finished

Do you ever find yourself trying to please multiple palates and always come up short? If you have multiple children, you are well aware. Now, imagine those children are older, bitchier and LOVE a good Broadway show. That’s basically what it’s like cooking for a bunch of gays.

Sliders Three Ways Ingredients    queer in the kitchen poolside3

queer in the kitchen poolside1    Sliders Three Ways Meat Mixture

Most of our friends are pretty laid back when it comes to food, but you always have that one sassy, high-maintence queen that won’t chomp her veneers down on just anything. So, we’re giving him options.

Sliders Three Ways Patties    queer in the kitchen poolside4

queer in the kitchen poolside2    Sliders Three Ways Grilling

This trio of sliders is great for entertaining a small group who enjoy variety. Also, we tell ourselves they are healthier because they’re cute and tiny. The fact that we eat 5 of them in one sitting is irrelevant. 

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