cucumber margaritas

Cucumber Margaritas Finished

By now you’ve surely noticed the recurring theme of alcohol, in any shape or form, in our recipes. Be it a bottle splash of white wine in this, or a fifth  drizzle of brandy in that, we will find almost ANY way to incorporate booze in our food. Two birds, one stone.

Cucumber Margaritas Ingredients   Cucumber Margaritas Blender

Cucumber Margaritas Strain   Cucumber Margaritas Salt

While we only sometimes manage to find ways eat our alcohol, you can bet your sweet ass we’ve always got a glass within arms reach while cooking, one of our favorites being margaritas. The only issue we have with them is they tend to get too tart after having three or four, which is usually when we just switch right to the straight tequila. But a cucumber margarita, fortunately (and possibly unfortunately) can be drank All. Day. Long.

Trust us, we spent some time in the “test kitchen” on this recipe.

Cucumber Margaritas Garnish    Cucumber Margaritas Tray

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