ode to ina: chicken parmesan

chicken parmesan finished

In case you didn’t know she was THAT perfect, Ina Garten was once a nuclear policy analyst for the White House. While that is impressive an accomplishment, her version of chicken parmesan is far more noteworthy to us. This is not the rubbery, deep fried bird covered in bad marinara at every sad food court’s Sbarro. No, ma’am.

chicken parm5    chicken parm1

chicken parm2    chicken parm3

This chicken parmesan almost stumbles into the “healthy” category. We call this side of that fine line between deep fried and pan fried “healthy.” Also, like camouflage, which is back in style AGAIN for some godforsaken reason, smothering it with greens and homemade vinaigrette tricks our brain into thinking the fried chicken breast won’t crush our beach-body dreams.

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