raspberry chipotle chicken wings

raspberry chipotle wings9

Next to always wear cute underwear, I have one cardinal rule of dating: NEVER order wings, ribs, a meatball sub or any other food that ends up more on your face than in your mouth.

So this recipe, is best reserved for your next BBQ, football game Academy Awards watching party, or Thursday night DVR-ed Cupcake Wars marathon. These wings are so delicious you’ll probably want to do that last one. And since these wings are baked, not fried, they’re healthy… right?! Well, healthy enough.

raspberry chipotle wings1    raspberry chipotle wings2

raspberry chipotle wings3    raspberry chipotle wings4

When it comes to whether or not these wings are healthy, we may have a hung jury. No… Can’t. Too easy. But it is certain that they have the perfect little kick to wake up your palate but a sweet, smooth aftertaste to make them just spicy enough.

raspberry chipotle wings6    raspberry chipotle wings7

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