scallops au gratin


As we have mentioned before, seafood can be intimidating. John didn’t even know what a scallop looked like in real life, much less how to cook one… I drew him a picture. When it comes to seafood, no one wants that hard, overcooked slime rock that tastes like an eraser.

scallops au gratin02    scallops au gratin04

scallops au gratin05    Scallops2

Only supermodels and guys about to go on their first gay cruise want the toilet-hugging bacterial infection that one risks with undercooking these little swimmers. Sounds crazy, but I had a friend who genuinely wanted to know where he could buy a tape worm. True story. 

Scallops3    Scallops4

Anyway, while we’ve yet to perfect the pan-searing method with scallops, we can knock out this technique (adapted from Ina Garten) in no time at all, and with one hand. The other is usually gripping a tumbler full of chardonnay.

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