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Bacon Jam and Taco Pie16

Those of us who are expected to be poolside at any given point during the summer must moderate our intake of anything that is or relates to tacos or pies. But when presented with the idea of those two things wrapped into one, we had to change our pants all those flimsy restraints flew out the window. Along with those sweet dreams of any six-pack this summer that doesn’t have blue mountains on it.

Taco Pie    Bacon Jam and Taco Pie03

Bacon Jam and Taco Pie09    Bacon Jam and Taco Pie14

Calling this a Mexican dish is probably about as authentic as when people ooo and awe over newborn babies, when really they more resemble an alien that just wrestled itself out of a vagina headlock. Still this ‘Mexico meets Midwest’ recipe is a meal in itself that can be thrown together quickly on a weeknight with time to spare for you to lock yourself in the bathroom and drown your worries in a tub full of chianti.

Bacon Jam and Taco Pie17

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