cameron’s mint julep

Mint Julep2

Our weekends are almost always filled with big floppy hats… and alcohol. So, this weekend is NO exception. In fact, it’s a more special reason to get wasted in said hats: the Kentucky Derby. 

Mint Julep1

Kyle and my friendship actually began when I slowly wore down his will to live by bugging him to take me he invited me to go riding with him. While he actually competes in competitions (complete with cute bows), I just trot around and feel totes stately. WHERE’S MY MONOCLE?!

Kyle Horse     John Horse

This particular recipe comes from good friend and fellow horse enthusiast, Cameron. By ‘horse enthusiast,’ I mean he wears a lot of preppy clothes and introduced me to the website: ‘Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like a Horse.‘ Enjoy!

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